Doesn’t a great landscape need a great water supply, too?

Even though Florida isn’t exactly a dry climate most of the year, good landscape irrigation isn’t just about the quantity of water you get from your sprinkler system; it’s about the quality of distribution.

A good irrigation system is essential to maintaining the beautiful and professional landscape you want, and so we are happy to be able to provide new sprinkler system installation and sprinkler repair, plus we even offer a special “sprinkler system tune-up” package to keep you from needing irrigation repair at all!

Whether you need sprinkler repair for your existing irrigation system or want to have someone install sprinklers in places they’ve never been before, Executive Landscaping can make it happen!

Here’s a closer look at some of the services we offer:

New sprinkler system installation

When you need a new sprinkler system, let us be the ones to install it the right way. Here are our primary installation services.

  • We can install a standard in-ground pop-up sprinkler system like you see in most outdoor environments in Florida. These are flexible, full-features systems with both rotor heads and misters, depending on what each area of your landscape needs.
  • We can install special drip irrigation systems which are great for gardens or other areas that might need a more concentrated source of water than the rest of the lawn.

Sprinkler system tune-ups

One of the best ways to keep your sprinkler system in shape is to let us do a tune-up. Here are the steps we take to make sure your water keeps flowing smoothly.

  • We will test the whole sprinkler system to identify weak or broken parts that may need replacement or repair.
  • We will investigate the spray pattern of each sprinkler head and make adjustments as needed to ensure optimal coverage and flow.
  • We will clean out all of the spray nozzles on your sprinkler heads.
  • We will maintain your control system, checking the times and setting the clocks to make sure everything is right on schedule.

Sprinkler system repair services

Is something not quite right with your sprinkler system? Let us take care of your irrigation repair! Here are some of the things we can fix or replace.

  • Broken or leaky spray heads.
  • Piping and water lines that may be leaking or brittle and about to crack.
  • Clock and timing mechanisms that keep your sprinkler system running (or NOT running!)
  • Any and all mechanical parts that may be needed to get the system in good working order.


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