Have you been thinking about adding something to your landscape?


At Executive Landscaping, even though our main services are taking care of lawns, gardening, flowers, plants and other things our clients already have, that’s not all we offer! As part of our commitment to be your total landscaping provider, we are proud to provide new planting services for anything you want, and everything you need!

If you’ve been thinking about laying new grass sod for your entire yard, want to get some new planting done in your garden beds, or have need of any other type of home gardening services, we can make it happen for you. Organic gardening is growing more and more popular these days, and we are able and happy to help you there, too!

Not only that, but even though we are quite happy to take care of purchasing and transporting the plants themselves for you, if you have a specific tree, bush or collection of things you want to provide for us to plant, that’s no problem at all.

Are you not sure exactly what you want yet? No problem! Take a look at the list below to see a sampling of some of the many planting services we can offer to help you achieve the perfect home and garden results you’ve been dreaming of.

Some of our planting services

  1. With our Saint Augustine flortam grass sod, we use a specialized grass called Palm Meadow flortam that looks great and grows well with shade and lots of water.
  2. Need some help preparing your garden beds in advance? We’ve got you covered.
  3. Whether you want annual flowers or perennial flowers, we can get you just what you need.
  4. We can plant any kind of shrubs or bushes you need, in whatever quantity and arrangement you’d like.
  5. Do you need hedges around your garden beds or anywhere else? We can do it!
  6. When it comes to planting trees, we have a huge variety, especially with Palm trees (coconut, foxtail, royal, sylvester, cabbage, and more!)
  7. If you want new citrus trees, we have plenty to offer (orange, lime, mango, tangerine, etc.)
  8. We are pros at planting oak trees and keeping them growing strong and healthy, all year long.

Whether it’s grass sod or grass seed, planting trees or preparing garden beds, adding bushes and flowers or any other home and gardening project you can think of, anything is possible, and we’ll do whatever it takes to meet all of your planting needs with personal, professional service.

Lawn Edging

We Make Your Lawn Gorgeous!

  • Mowing & Edging
  • Weed Trimming & Blowing
  • Weed killer in flower beds
  • Tree Care & Fertilization
  • Trim Palm Trees
  • Trim Bushes & Leaf Pickup
  • Landscape Design
  • Planting Palms
  • Planting Bushes
  • Planting Flower Beds
  • Bed Enhancement - Mulch & Rock
  • Lawn Treatment - Fertilizer
  • Lawn Treatment - Pest Control
  • Retaining Wall & Planters

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